Artist Profile

I paint what I am passionate about.

I love bodies and faces, all forms of animals and the land in its myriad forms.

Colour, texture and movement are consistent components in my work.

I enjoy using acrylic paint on canvas because of its ability to dry quickly and often rework canvasses quite rapidly until I feel that I am comfortable with what is emerging.

I love working with collage and collect all manner of materials that I find beautiful.

It may be years before it seems right to incorporate particular treasures in a work.

I have a big studio in a rural setting, I can see my horse through the window and the distant hills make a stunning backdrop.

The dogs are generally underfoot as I work, happy companions who invariably end up with more than a little paint on their bodies.

I taught Art in Victorian Secondary Schools for 30 years and having retired from teaching, even though I continued my own drawing and painting during those years, I now hope to be able to direct more of my creative energy into my own work.

I certainly have lots of ideas ready to be explored.